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Did Zelensky really buy two luxury yachts worth €70 million?


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is reported to have purchased two yachts both worth around €70 million.


It is untrue. Neither of the yachts mentioned in the false reports has been sold to anyone. This has been confirmed by statements from the companies selling them and by official websites. The news of Zelensky’s purported luxury purchases has been widely circulated on pro-Kremlin websites and fake social network accounts. The intention behind these messages is to sway Western politicians into withdrawing their support for Ukraine.


The posts circulating on social media, alleging that the Ukrainian President enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and has even bought two yachts costing €70 million, are backed up by evidence such as screenshots of portal articles and videos. One of these videos has been viewed 1,500 times on Facebook.

Social media users who circulated the posts commented mockingly, saying, “And he has been so desperately begging other countries to donate their money for his war machine… How many drones, submachine guns, and other weapons could be bought with these euros? At the end of the day, that Zelensky is not such an innocent patriot of his country.”

The publications refer to the names of the yachts Zelensky allegedly has bought – “Lucky Me” and “My Legacy”.

An Internet search on these names provides more information about the yachts and reveals that these luxury vessels not only do not belong to Zelensky but have not yet been sold to anyone.

The yacht “Lucky Me” belongs to the company “Behnemar”. On the company’s website, you can find an advertisement for this particular yacht providing full technical details and a price tag of €19 million. “Lucky Me” is 46 metres long, has 5 luxury cabins and can accommodate 12 guests and 9 crew members.

A representative of the company selling the yacht also confirmed to “AP News” that “Lucky Me” has not been sold and is still available for purchase.

The other yacht mentioned in the false post, “My Legacy”, is also still on sale. It is being sold by the company “Burgess” for almost €45 million. Its official website provides the contact details of a broker who can be contacted by those interested in such a purchase (here). “AP News” managed to contact Nicci Perides of “Burgess”, who also confirmed that the luxury yacht is still available (here).

The news about the luxury yachts allegedly purchased by Zelensky reminds of the false accusations circulated in October against Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, who was said to have spent a fortune on luxury golden jewellery. False testimonies, documents, fake social media accounts, and articles denouncing Zelenska’s shopping spree were used to spread this fake news in pro-Kremlin media and social networks.

The BBC pointed out that the story of yachts allegedly purchased by the Ukrainian President was also featured on the English-language Kremlin propaganda site “The DC Weekly”. This website has previously circulated false reports about Zelenska’s purchases and made false claims that a charitable foundation headed by Ukraine’s First Lady was linked to child trafficking. Some of these articles were by made up authors, with unauthentic photographs and descriptions of non-existent people.

Fake news about Zelensky’s yacht purchases (archive) have also been actively disseminated by pro-Russian sources, such as Kremlin-supporting site “Strategic Culture Foundation” (here).